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A Plus and Mental Floss Features Popcorn for the People

This past summer, Popcorn for the People and the story behind our mission was covered by various large online publications. These features helped spread the word about the importance of autism employment and how we are combating the issues surrounding employment of autistic adults.  A few months ago in June, Popcorn for the People hit it big with a feature from A Plus. A Plus is an online publication website founded by actor and technology investor, Ashton Kutcher. It is also fueled by Chicken Soup for the Soul, which published the world famous Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. According to A Plus’s About page, A Plus believes in the power of storytelling and positive thinking: “To us, positive journalism...

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Benefits of Employing Adults With Autism

Adults with autism and other developmental disabilities have the potential and skill to be great employees, just like every other person in the workforce. However, due to ignorance, preconceived notions, and ill-suited job processes, these skills often are ignored by employers and businesses. “Plenty more companies could benefit from hiring autistic people,” said writers from The Economist. The Economist says that many skills that autistic adults have to offer often go unseen in the interview process. An article in the Guardian discusses how job interviews pose a huge barrier for adults with autism seeking employment due to the requirement for good communication skills. Key difficulties include: establishing relationships, social interaction, flexibility of thought, and emotional reciprocation. However, the Guardian claims,...

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Fall Into Autumn With Gourmet Popcorn Flavors

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting chillier, the leaves are changing colors: Autumn is finally here! What better way to celebrate the season’s change with delicious gourmet popcorn made by adults on the autism spectrum? With 12 unique popcorn flavors, Popcorn for the People has a taste for any palette this Fall. Below are just a few that you can choose to munch on as the leaves fall down.  Apple Caramel Our Apple Caramel is the perfect gourmet popcorn flavor to choose this Fall season! Made with real apple cider, our Apple Caramel popcorn places you right on the orchard among the apple trees. Love Caramel Apples? This is your new favorite popcorn! Caramel The classic sweet...

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