Flavored Popcorn Gifts


Would you like to have a fundraiser that people notice and remember?

A fundraiser with gifts that not only satisfy, but also show that the sender cares?

How about a brightly colored, large tin of gourmet popcorn made by individuals with Autism?

Welcome to the nonprofit Popcorn for the People, a subsidiary of the 501 (c)(3) Let's Work for Good!

We offer two forms of fundraising:

Fundraiser A: We supply tins of popcorn for your organization to sell. We offer these tins at a discount to nonprofit organizations.

Fundraiser B: We supply you with a Promo Code that your supporters can use on our website. Every sale made with the Promo Code is recorded and a portion of the proceeds is sent to your organization.

To arrange a fundraiser CALL 201-621-2245 or email


Popcorn for the People is a unique brand of popcorn that is handcrafted by a joint venture of culinary experts and individuals with Autism and other development disabilities. The pride they take in their work is immeasurable.

Your fundraiser will raise funds for your organization and aid our Autistic workers! A win-win!