popcorn classics

What Makes our Product the Best Flavored Popcorn on the Market?

We take organic, non-GMO kernels made in the Farmlands of Mid-America and infuse them with classic

flavors for a mouth-watering experience that will keep you reaching for more.

Stock your pantry with these Classics for any occasion.

Butter Salt Popcorn

Light popcorn infused with real butter and salt. Like movie popcorn, only better! Try our butter salt flavored popcorn today!

Salt & Vinegar Flavored Popcorn

A little salt and a little tang makeup this winning team. Who says chips get to have all the fun? Try our gourmet salt and vinegar flavored popcorn today!

Buffalo Wing Flavored Popcorn

Kernels coated with the spices of America’s classic dish make for a sharp, spicy, crunchy treat. Try our gourmet buffalo flavored popcorn today!

Josh Kettle Corn

A revival of the classic sweet and salty combo. We use salts infused deep into the kernels. Try our gourmet Josh Kettle Corn today!

Cheddar Cheese Flavored Popcorn

Covered with intense, sharp cheddar cheese, these kernels pop with flavor. Pair with our Classic Caramel to create the perfect sweet and sharp mix. Try our gourmet cheddar cheese flavored popcorn today!

White Cheddar Flavored Popcorn

Mellow cheese that still packs a sophisticated savory taste. Keep yours hidden if you want it to last. Try our gourmet white cheddar flavored popcorn today!

popcorn creations

Take a Look at our Gourmet Flavored Popcorn

Taking classic flavors to the next level, we make these gourmet treats by cooking mushroom kernels in with unique

flavors using a Mach machine. Especially created for a perfect crunchy blend,

Popcorn Creations go beyond expectations.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Flavored Popcorn

This classic chocolate caramel glazing is infused with real, fresh espresso and cocoa for a little extra oomph. Who needs coffee anyway? Try our gourmet dark chocolate espresso flavored popcorn today!

X-Treme Caramel Flavored Popcorn

Caramel lovers will appreciate the double caramel coating lovingly spread over fluffy kernels with a secret ingredient to awaken your taste buds. Try our gourmet X-Treme Caramel flavored popcorn today!

X-Treme Caramel & Chocolate Flavored Popcorn

Because twice is twice as nice, double coatings of caramel and chocolate give you more than you bargained for. Try our gourmet X-Treme Caramel and Chocolate flavored popcorn today!

Apple Caramel Flavored Popcorn

You will never eat apple pie again once you’ve tasted these kernels covered with a caramel glaze infused with apples, apple cider and cinnamon. Try our flavored gourmet popcorn today!

popcorn cravings

More of our Flavored Popcorn Tins

For the ultimate popcorn experience, we hand coat light, fluffy kernels in melted glazes

made with fresh ingredients. Bursting with uncommon flavors,

Popcorn Cravings are designed to delight and intrigue.

Cookies 'n Cream

Our specialty caramel popcorn gets dressed with a decadent white chocolate coating and finished with an Oreo cookie crunch. Try our gourmet cookies 'n cream flavored popcorn today!

Girl Scout Inspired Thin Mint Flavored Popcorn

White and dark mint chocolate drizzled over our specialty Caramel finished with a generous dusting of cookie crunch – a grown up take on a childhood classic. Try our gourmet thin mint flavored popcorn today!