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  • Popcorn Tin Pre-Order
  • Popcorn Tin Pre-Order

Popcorn Tin Pre-Order

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Please note, if you add bags to your tin order, your bags will ship with your pre order. If you want your popcorn bags immediately , you will have to place a separate order for those. 

Select your tin size, tin flavor variation, and delivery window. Please note your tin and other items ordered with it will ONLY arrive within the delivery window selected, it will not ship to you earlier. 

Inside of the tin, you will find sealed popcorn bags which can be opened and poured directly into the tin slot. The bags help keep the popcorn fresh, once you are ready to serve the popcorn, pour the bags directly into the tin. Shelf life of unopened bags is 3 months, once open we recommend eating within one week and being sure to put the tin lid on when not eating. 

Order cutoff dates:

Nov. 22- Nov. 29 last day to order: Nov. 10

Dec. 6-Dec. 13 last day to order: Nov. 22

Dec. 13- Dec. 23 last day to order: Dec. 6

Dec. 29- Jan. 5 last day to order: Dec. 15

Jan. 10- Jan. 17 last day to order: Jan. 1



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