By Jason Katz

5 Reasons to Fundraise with Popcorn for the People

Fundraisers are a great way to get a community of people together to raise money for an important cause. It is not only a way to raise funds, it is also a way to promote a message and share major objectives for an organization. Choosing how you raise funds is a critical step and can make or break your fundraising goals. So why should you choose Popcorn for the People for your fundraiser?

  1. Popcorn for the People is a unique fundraiser

We have all heard of selling chocolate bars or passing around a catalogue to friends and family as a means to raise funds, but you need a more unique fundraiser to grab your audience’s attention. Selling handcrafted gourmet popcorn is sure to do the trick!

Popcorn for the People offers 12 unique flavors of gourmet popcorn handcrafted by a joint venture of culinary experts and individuals on the autism spectrum and with other developmental disabilities. We have a flavor for every kind of palette--no matter who participates in your fundraiser, we have gourmet popcorn for them!  Your fundraiser participants will be wowed by your popcorn fundraiser and will jump at a chance to support your cause!

  1. You and Your Participants Support More than One Cause

Popcorn for the People is a nonprofit social enterprise that employs adults on the autism spectrum and with other developmental disabilities. We combat the 80% unemployment rate faced by the autism community and strive to provide meaningful employment to our workers with autism.

Choosing us for your fundraiser enables you to not only raise money for your important cause or organization, but also gives you the opportunity to support autism at work at the same time! Not only would you support autism employment, you would also show your participants that you care!


  1. You have options!

With a Popcorn for the People fundraiser, you have choices! We offer multiple fundraising options that give you control over your own fundraiser.

The two major forms of fundraising we offer:

Fundraiser A: We supply tins and bags of popcorn for your organization to sell. We offer these tins at a discount to nonprofit organizations.

Fundraiser B: We supply you with a Promo Code that your supporters can use on our website. Every sale made with the Promo Code is recorded and a portion of the proceeds is sent to your organization.

It is important for us that your fundraiser goes as you envision, so we work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

  1. Everyone loves popcorn

No matter if you’re young or old, everyone loves popcorn! Popcorn can be a healthy snack or a sweet treat. Popcorn can be a great gift to someone you love, or it can be something you munch on while watching TV. There are so many uses for popcorn, and creating a popcorn fundraiser is always going to be a hit for every participant.

From Plain to Chicago Baked Cheddar to Dark Chocolate Espresso, we have a popcorn flavor for every occasion.  

  1. Everybody Wins

With a Popcorn for the People fundraiser, everybody wins. You raise money for your organization while also supporting autism employment. Your participants support your cause and enjoy delicious gourmet popcorn that aid our autistic workers! A Popcorn for the People fundraiser is a win-win!

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