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5 Reasons to Fundraise with Popcorn for the People

Fundraisers are a great way to get a community of people together to raise money for an important cause. It is not only a way to raise funds, it is also a way to promote a message and share major objectives for an organization. Choosing how you raise funds is a critical step and can make or break your fundraising goals. So why should you choose Popcorn for the People for your fundraiser? Popcorn for the People is a unique fundraiser We have all heard of selling chocolate bars or passing around a catalogue to friends and family as a means to raise funds, but you need a more unique fundraiser to grab your audience’s attention. Selling handcrafted gourmet popcorn...

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Popcorn for the People on Fox Five News!

Popcorn for the People has had the amazing opportunity to spread our story and our mission to people all over the country. Whether through media publications like Mental Floss or through collaborations with social influencers, every additional person we expose our story to helps Popcorn for the People grow and, even more importantly, helps more and more people on the autism spectrum gain meaningful employment. In 2018, Popcorn for the People were invited to share our story on Fox Five News! Our very own Steven and Sam Bier were guests on Fox Five News and had the opportunity to inform the public and news anchor Antwan Lewis about the unemployment rate seen by individuals with autism. In response to the...

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A Plus and Mental Floss Features Popcorn for the People

This past summer, Popcorn for the People and the story behind our mission was covered by various large online publications. These features helped spread the word about the importance of autism employment and how we are combating the issues surrounding employment of autistic adults.  A few months ago in June, Popcorn for the People hit it big with a feature from A Plus. A Plus is an online publication website founded by actor and technology investor, Ashton Kutcher. It is also fueled by Chicken Soup for the Soul, which published the world famous Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. According to A Plus’s About page, A Plus believes in the power of storytelling and positive thinking: “To us, positive journalism...

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