By Jason Katz

Popcorn for the People on Fox Five News!

Popcorn for the People has had the amazing opportunity to spread our story and our mission to people all over the country. Whether through media publications like Mental Floss or through collaborations with social influencers, every additional person we expose our story to helps Popcorn for the People grow and, even more importantly, helps more and more people on the autism spectrum gain meaningful employment.

In 2018, Popcorn for the People were invited to share our story on Fox Five News! Our very own Steven and Sam Bier were guests on Fox Five News and had the opportunity to inform the public and news anchor Antwan Lewis about the unemployment rate seen by individuals with autism. In response to the 80% unemployment rate of people on the autism spectrum in America, Steven says, “We decided let’s take a negative and turn it to a positive.”

Sam explains his own experiences with past employment pushing carts at a local supermarket. Unhappy with this job, Popcorn for the People offered him a much more fulfilling employment opportunity in an environment which best meets his needs.

Steven and Sam go on to answer an important question: why popcorn? In addition to popcorn being one of Sam’s favorite snacks, Steven says, “this would be very good for the autistic community. It’s safe. There’s no flames, there’s no knives. It’s not seasonal, it’s year round. It’s part of the American culture. [Popcorn] is not a fad, it’s not going away.” Thus, Popcorn for the People came to be.

The interview goes on to discuss where Popcorn for the People sells its gourmet popcorn, beyond its online store: Red Bull Arena, Rutgers Athletics games, and events all over the tri-state area. The Biers also discuss how Popcorn for the People comes up with all their flavors, with the help of Agnes Cushing-Ruby: “Agnes is our mad scientist. She is a combination of culinary experience and medical research experience.”

Check out the video to see the Fox Five’s Antwan Lewis try (and love!) Popcorn for the People’s gourmet popcorn!


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