By Jason Katz

The Different Types of Corn

If you adore popcorn, you should know that there’s more to them than the standard popcorn that you consume. That doesn’t point to caramelized popcorn or buttered ones.

There are many different types of corn beyond the one that makes the snack we all know and love. Beyond popcorn, there are varying corn types, with each one bringing its own distinct flavor. Popcorn flavor actually depends on the corn that’s being used as well. Some corn, when put under the extreme heat and pressure necessary to make the kernels explode, create popcorn which is less than desirable.

Here are the different kinds of corn!

Dent Corn

The most basic kind of corn crop and the one you normally associate with the word corn, this variant is rich in starches. Dent corn is typically used in livestock feed but also works as a great crop to use in various kinds of food. When dried, the various textures of starch in this corn become hardened and give them corn an indented appearance. This leads to their name: dent corn.

Flint Corn

Commonly known as Indian corn, Flint corn is in many ways similar to dent corn. However, it appearance differs. Its outer shell is quite hard and the corn is recognized due to its various colors and patterns. It is typically grown in the Central and South American region and works as a decoration that’s hung during harvest time.


Popcorn happen to be a type of flint corn but a variety that’s distinguishable on its own. Popcorn typically have hard exteriors, with the inside being soft starch. Furthermore, popcorn is also distinguishable because of its kernels’ unique size, shape, and the amount of moisture they hold inside. When heated, the moisture begins boiling and turns to steam. The pressure created by the steam inside the popcorn makes it eventually explode and burst. This phenomenon is called popping.

This popping creates popcorn, one of America’s favorite snacks. This is also the snack (and corn) behind Popcorn for the People! Click here to buy some delicious popcorn!

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn has its own distinguishing qualities that make it a variant people seek out. Sweet corn does not pop and is made entirely out of starch. This gives it its sweet taste. Moreover, sweet corn is consumed when the kernel isn’t hard and the corn is still immature. This makes it a unique variety. Rich in sugars, sweet corns are widely enjoyed as a snack item, being the proverbial “corn on the cob.”

Now when you eat popcorn, you’ll know there are so many more corns beyond the variant that makes your favorite snack! Finding popcorn with multiple variants in it is not that difficult but you can never be sure of quality.


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