The Official Guide to Corporate Gifting

As a business, gifting your employees or clients is a great way to show your appreciation! Corporate gifts create mutual respect and establish a level of trust that both parties hold in high esteem. A thoughtful, personalized gift done well strengthens relationships and fosters a more sustained business. Skip the mundane gifts and follow our top three tips on unique ideas for your next corporate gifting!

  1. Personalize Your Gifts: gifts that have a personal touch will be appreciated more, as it facilitates a deeper, more meaningful connection. Get to know your employees and clients to cater to their interests and tastes. 

  2. Healthy Snacks: delivered and enjoyed, healthy snacks are a great way to show your gratitude. Ensuring that the snacks are versatile and cater to different tastes, your clients and employees will be grateful for the delicious treats and time saved from making snack runs during the work day!

  3. The Gift of Giving: a corporate gift that is a guaranteed favorite from all is the gift of giving! Reach out to companies that donate, support particular causes, or non-profit organizations. Gift to show your appreciation, but in a style your clients and employees will love.


If you are looking for a corporate gift with these unique ideas all in one, Popcorn for the People the one to choose. Popcorn for the People’s mission is to provide meaningful and lasting employment for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. By gifting your clients our gourmet popcorn, you are supporting the employment and empowerment of disabled adults. Not only does Popcorn for the People have many different unique flavors for all to enjoy that include vegan options, but our popcorn is made of 100% all natural ingredients as well, promoting wellness and health in a light-weight snack. 


Each tin of popcorn is packaged with a card signed by the worker who cooked and filled the tin:



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