By Rachel Cheng

The Do's and Dont's of Wedding Favors

Popcorn for the People Wedding Favor

We proudly employ adults with autism! Sweeten up your wedding with some gourmet popcorn with a purpose!

Your wedding day is finally here and you are surrounded by your friends and family that wish to celebrate your special day with you. A way in which you can express gratitude to the guests are through wedding favors! Wedding favors are typically small tokens of appreciation that are gifted from the bride and groom. What may seem as a simple thank you to the guests can actually be a great final moment for the bride and groom to add a fun, personal touch to their wedding. If you are planning to give favors to enhance your guests’ experience at your wedding, here are some do’s and don'ts to follow.

DO: Choose something meaningful 

Choose favors that not only express both of your personalities, but ones that have a long lasting impression on your guests as well. These favors may express a part of your lives as a couple, your unique heritage, or something you and your guests may have in common. 

Popcorn for the People Wedding Favor Tin

DON’T: Make your own edible favors

It may seem like a fun and personal pre-wedding activity to make your own favors; however, couples often underestimate their stress and time management come the week of their wedding. There are other factors such as freshness, allergies, and packaging that may present themselves as major obstacles to add on to the wedding planning process. 

DO: Consider Non-Profit Organizations or Charities

A charitable gift is a meaningful gift, so choose either a non-profit organization or charity to donate a portion of you wedding budget to. Want to support both a cause while giving back to your guests? Consider Popcorn for the People! Choosing Popcorn for the People for your wedding favors not only provides a fun, tasty treat for your guests, but meaningful and lasting employment for adults with autism. With each batch of popcorn made, you are supporting the employment and empowerment of disabled young adults. 


Popcorn for the People Wedding Favor Bag

DON’T: Forget to try before you buy

It is important to do a trial run for your potential wedding favor. If you decide on edible favors, order various samples of different flavors to ensure that you enjoy it yourself. If you choose favors other than food, make sure you have a sample of the product. Order your favors one month before your wedding date to allow yourself time to assemble, if necessary. 


The purpose of wedding favors is essentially a thank you to your guests, and therefore it is not supposed to be a stressful task. Remember the purpose, enjoy yourself, and follow these do’s and don'ts—your guests will appreciate your effort and acknowledgment. 


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