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11 Fun Facts About Cheese

Whether it is on burgers, pasta, or popcorn, cheese is a delicious addition to many dishes and snacks! Cheese comes in many colors, shapes, sizes and smells, but what else is there to know about this interesting food? Below are __ fun facts about cheese! Cheese is a dairy! It is the resulting product of curdling milk. In cheese factories, bacteria is added to milk to convert the lactose into lactic acid, and then an enzyme is added, which curdles the milk. This enzyme is called rennet, which used to be taken from the stomachs of young cows but is now found from genetically engineered bacteria and yeast. It takes about 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of...

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9 Fun Facts About Cheese Popcorn

Cheese popcorn is a treat widely loved by many across America. That is an undisputed fact. But there is a lot more to this popular snack you may not know. Here are 9 fun facts all about cheese popcorn! In 1989, pre-popped white cheddar popcorn was the fastest-growing segment of the market, up an estimated 30 percent over 1988. The invention of cheese popcorn can be tracked to the creation of flavored popcorn in Chicago at the end of the 19th century. The flavors of cheese flavors typically are white cheddar and yellow cheddar, however, one can actually make any type of cheese long as you can make the cheese into powder! The cheese found on a lot of popcorn...

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15 Interesting Popcorn Facts

Popcorn is a delicious, healthy snack that many people love to enjoy! As gourmet popcorn creators, Popcorn for the People is no different! But there's a lot to our favorite snack that people don't know: 1. Popcorn can grow to be 30 times its original size when it pops 2. Popcorn kernels come from actual corn, but not the type you eat for dinner! Only one variety of maize creates the kernels which become the popcorn we all know and love: zea mays everta. 3. There are two different shapes of popcorn: the butterfly and the mushroom. The butterfly shape is best for powdery flavors such as white cheddar and buffalo, and the mushroom shape is most optimal for caramel...

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