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The History of Popcorn

What kind of corn does popcorn come from? The corn which produces kernels that pop into the delicious snack we all know and love is a different type than the one we eat at the dinner table. Only one variety of corn can pop in the perfect way: zea mays everta. It looks very similar to a typical corn kernel, however this variety is the only one which has the ability to pop once put under heat and pressure. The History of Popcorn in the Americas Corn is a staple in America and has been for a long time, but when was popcorn invented? Since popcorn comes from corn, specifically the zea mays everta variety, popcorn was never really “invented”...

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Popcorn: The New Superfood in Town

Superfoods have seen a recent surge in popularity due to promotion by the media and their prescription by health experts in the recent past. Superfoods is a term that is used to refer to foods that contain a high content of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients. Research has shown that these superfoods have the ability to lower the risk of contracting diseases like heart diseases, cancer and even improving physical and emotional health. They also regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood. Some well-known superfoods include salmon, broccoli, blueberries, green tea and spinach, but have you heard of popcorn as a superfood? Over the years, unhealthy preparation of popcorn such as in butter, like it is done in...

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Is Popcorn Keto-Friendly?

A ketogenic diet is a kind of diet designed to treat several neurological diseases like epilepsy. They also improve the risk factors of heart attack, cancer, and even Parkinson’s disease. Now, how does popcorn fit into this topic? Well, a ketogenic diet is a low carb diet that helps you lose weight and has numerous health benefits, and popcorn is a low carb snack which people on the diet, with moderation, can indulge in with little to no guilt! Now, the main air of a ketogenic diet is to reduce the carbohydrate intake so that the body will be forced to convert the available body fat to glucose as its primary source of energy. So when you reduce those carbs,...

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15 Interesting Popcorn Facts

Popcorn is a delicious, healthy snack that many people love to enjoy! As gourmet popcorn creators, Popcorn for the People is no different! But there's a lot to our favorite snack that people don't know: 1. Popcorn can grow to be 30 times its original size when it pops 2. Popcorn kernels come from actual corn, but not the type you eat for dinner! Only one variety of maize creates the kernels which become the popcorn we all know and love: zea mays everta. 3. There are two different shapes of popcorn: the butterfly and the mushroom. The butterfly shape is best for powdery flavors such as white cheddar and buffalo, and the mushroom shape is most optimal for caramel...

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Is Popcorn Healthy? Here are Unknown Healthy Benefits of the Famous Snack

When it comes to thinking about healthy snacks, popcorn might not be the first thing to come to your mind. We typically associate popcorn with the butter drenched heaviness we find at movie theatre, bringing in more than a thousand calories. However, popcorn might just be the healthiest snack you could have. Just adding 30 calories to do your daily intake, popcorn offers a number of health benefits as well. Let’s take a look at some nutritional benefits of popcorn. Popcorn Gives You Something Fruits and Vegetables Can’t Fruits and vegetables are heavily diluted and are practically 90% of water. This makes the polyphenol amount in them low. Polyphenols are chemicals that are highly beneficial to the human body. They...

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