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9 Fun Facts About Cheese Popcorn

Cheese popcorn is a treat widely loved by many across America. That is an undisputed fact. But there is a lot more to this popular snack you may not know. Here are 9 fun facts all about cheese popcorn! In 1989, pre-popped white cheddar popcorn was the fastest-growing segment of the market, up an estimated 30 percent over 1988. The invention of cheese popcorn can be tracked to the creation of flavored popcorn in Chicago at the end of the 19th century. The flavors of cheese flavors typically are white cheddar and yellow cheddar, however, one can actually make any type of cheese long as you can make the cheese into powder! The cheese found on a lot of popcorn...

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The History of Caramel Popcorn

Caramel corn is a sweet, confectionery popcorn treat enjoyed by millions of people every year. Here at Popcorn for the People, we make our caramel popcorn by coating our mushroom shaped popcorn pieces (the mushroom popcorn shape is the best for caramel corn because it has more surface area to hold the caramel flavoring!) with irresistible caramel candy! All our popcorn is layered with high quality caramel. Caramel popcorn is a huge fan favorite of ours, and there’s no question that people across America enjoy this sweet treat. So, how and when did America begin to love caramel popcorn? The when can be traced back to the 1800s. Caramel corn was first introduced in the 1870s. Before this, sweet popcorn...

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Where to Find Popcorn for the People

Popcorn for the People first sold popcorn in the East Brunswick Mall. Now, Popcorn for the People has an online storefront at But where else do we sell our delicious gourmet popcorn? Below is where you can find Popcorn for the People! Amazon On top of, we sell our twelve different, unique flavors of gourmet popcorn bags on Amazon! Since the beginning of October 2018, popcorn bags were available for sale on Amazon, marking Popcorn for the People’s growth to other online marketplaces. Amazon provides small businesses with a huge audience, and we wanted the opportunity to place our popcorn and our mission in front of many other people.  Go check out our Amazon store, buy some popcorn,...

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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

The new year has started off great and January has ended. We’re five days into February and Valentine’s Day is on its way! Valentine’s Day is a holiday in which love is recognized. Whether it is a significant other, your best friends, or your family members, Valentine’s Day is a time to show the people you love just how much you care about them. With Valentine’s Day only nine days away, you’re probably wondering what you should gift your loved ones. Here at Popcorn for the People, we believe that the best gift is the gift that gives. Our gourmet popcorn is not only made with love, it is also made with high quality, carefully sourced ingredients and non-GMO popcorn...

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The Different Types of Corn

If you adore popcorn, you should know that there’s more to them than the standard popcorn that you consume. That doesn’t point to caramelized popcorn or buttered ones. There are many different types of corn beyond the one that makes the snack we all know and love. Beyond popcorn, there are varying corn types, with each one bringing its own distinct flavor. Popcorn flavor actually depends on the corn that’s being used as well. Some corn, when put under the extreme heat and pressure necessary to make the kernels explode, create popcorn which is less than desirable. Here are the different kinds of corn! Dent Corn The most basic kind of corn crop and the one you normally associate with...

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