• 9 Fun Facts About Cheese Popcorn

    Cheese popcorn is a treat widely loved by many across America. That is an undisputed fact. But there is a lot more to this popular snack you may not know. Here are 9 fun facts all about cheese popcorn! In 1989, pre-popped white cheddar popcorn was the fastest-growing segment of the market, up a... View Post
  • The History of Caramel Popcorn

    Caramel corn is a sweet, confectionery popcorn treat enjoyed by millions of people every year. Here at Popcorn for the People, we make our caramel popcorn by coating our mushroom shaped popcorn pieces (the mushroom popcorn shape is the best for caramel corn because it has more surface area to hol... View Post
  • Where to Find Popcorn for the People

    Popcorn for the People first sold popcorn in the East Brunswick Mall. Now, Popcorn for the People has an online storefront at But where else do we sell our delicious gourmet popcorn? Below is where you can find Popcorn for the People! Amazon On top of popcornforthepeople.... View Post
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  • The Different Types of Corn

    If you adore popcorn, you should know that there’s more to them than the standard popcorn that you consume. That doesn’t point to caramelized popcorn or buttered ones. There are many different types of corn beyond the one that makes the snack we all know and love. Beyond popcorn, there are varyi... View Post