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The Official Guide to Corporate Gifting

As a business, gifting your employees or clients is a great way to show your appreciation! Corporate gifts create mutual respect and establish a level of trust that both parties hold in high esteem. A thoughtful, personalized gift done well strengthens relationships and fosters a more sustained business. Skip the mundane gifts and follow our top three tips on unique ideas for your next corporate gifting! Personalize Your Gifts: gifts that have a personal touch will be appreciated more, as it facilitates a deeper, more meaningful connection. Get to know your employees and clients to cater to their interests and tastes.  Healthy Snacks: delivered and enjoyed, healthy snacks are a great way to show your gratitude. Ensuring that the snacks...

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The History of Kettle Corn

Kettle corn is an all-American favorite salty-sweet snack often sold at festivals, carnivals, and other events. But where did this flavor of popcorn come from and how did it grow in popularity? Kettle corn dates back to the 18th century, its first documented appearance originating in Europe. European farmers would cook corn in large cast iron kettles over an open fire. Both lard and sugar were added while the popcorn was cooking, which resulted in a sweet snack that was often eaten at the end of the day. Thanks to the sugar in kettle corn, it was discovered during this time that kettle popcorn had a good shelf life. German and European immigrants brought this sweet treat to America in...

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11 Fun Facts About Cheese

Whether it is on burgers, pasta, or popcorn, cheese is a delicious addition to many dishes and snacks! Cheese comes in many colors, shapes, sizes and smells, but what else is there to know about this interesting food? Below are __ fun facts about cheese! Cheese is a dairy! It is the resulting product of curdling milk. In cheese factories, bacteria is added to milk to convert the lactose into lactic acid, and then an enzyme is added, which curdles the milk. This enzyme is called rennet, which used to be taken from the stomachs of young cows but is now found from genetically engineered bacteria and yeast. It takes about 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of...

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Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Dark chocolate: what was once considered a sweet treat is now considered one of the top-ranking superfoods. Chocolate dates back to 2000 BC when the first chocolate connoisseurs drank it as a beverage. Long after, chocolate was revolutionized after the invention of chocolate bars in the 1800s. Dark chocolate is derived from cocoa beans which are separated from cocoa nibs. The nibs are later ground into chocolate liquid. The liquid, after separating it from cocoa butter, is then refined into chocolate bars. So, why is dark chocolate healthy? According to, dark chocolate contains high amounts of flavanols. Flavanols, which are plant chemicals derived from the cocoa beans, have been linked to protecting the heart from cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, cocoa...

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